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Executive visioning

Do you see the bear in this picture?

Look closer.

There are about a dozen more in the background.

They are Kodiak brown bears -- the world's largest terrestrial carnivores.

And there is no wall or fence between you and them.

On a few select mornings every summer, in a quiet fjord on the north side of Kodiak Island, the tide ebbs low enough to trap thousands of salmon in the shallows.

And, for just a few hours before the tide flows in again, dozens of bears converge to feed on them.

It is one of the most stunning gatherings of wildlife on the planet.

The question you see threat or opportunity here?

In inspiring wilderness settings like this, we will be guided by ICF-accredited coaches and facilitators to recognize the difference. 

Our professionally guided visioning quests bring executives together for fellowship and reflection on managing for creativity, sustainability, empathy and risk-taking.

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