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About Us

Marketing tends to be either too hard or too soft – either all quantitative or all subjective.

But at Varamark Research, we know how to bridge that left-brain / right-brain divide.

We believe that creativity and analysis are complementary.

We believe that marketing is a lifestyle of natural curiosity about people.

And we believe that marketing can be a force for good in the world, by illuminating opportunities and efficiencies that drive innovation, health and equality.

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Our Leadership

C.J. DiMaggio


As Marketing Manager for the largest division of an S&P 500 company, C.J. led a marketing team that launched cutting-edge multimedia outreach and analytics to drive sales and brand awareness.

A licensed civil engineer in both California and Arizona, C.J. is an expert in the planning, permitting and design of profitable land and community development projects.

C.J. holds a BS in Civil Engineering and a BA in Music from Santa Clara University as well as an MGIS in Geomarketing from Penn State. A classically trained concert pianist, C.J. enjoys balancing his technical pursuits with his love of music in his free time.

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