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Real estate due diligence

In real estate development, it’s not enough to have a vision.

You also need a solid business case for your project. 


Land use entitlement strategy

Only after you have addressed permit regulations at the local, regional, state and federal levels can you think about breaking ground or marketing your project.

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Technical marketing

Technical marketing is the art and science of turning early adopters, influencers and key specifiers into ambassadors for your brand.


Economic forecasting

Good marketing and good management require a foundation in good economics.

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Location analytics

Whether digital or brick-and-mortar, every business needs to know where its customers are.


Content management

From ghostwriting in your brand's voice to orchestrating your social media cadence, business communication today requires empathy and inclusiveness.



Good projects are profitable.

But great projects are more than that.

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Facilitation is the most overlooked skill in business today.

It's how you build consensus in both small teams and large public forums.



Whether you're filming for business or art, all good writing boils down to "show, don't tell."


Executive visioning

Structured learning to see opportunities where others see threats.

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