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There's someone stealing from you right now

There’s someone stealing from you right now. You just don’t know who or how.

That’s what the CFO told the executive team, and he would know. He had built his career at a Fortune 500 company ferreting out fraud and waste. But even he didn’t see this one coming.

Even as he spoke, the manager of one of the company’s biggest plants was secretly reaching into the till.

It only came to light months later, when an intern looking at aerial photographs noticed that, little by little, a neighboring junkyard was encroaching on the plant. What had been pristine conservation land for an endangered species was now covered with trash and wrecked cars.

For a little cash under the table, the plant manager had sold the company out.

When the company evicted the junkyard, its owner complained that he had been paying rent all along! The plant manager was sent packing, but not before he cost the company hundreds of thousands of dollars in cleanup costs and fines.

It should have been no surprise. The company’s culture was all about never questioning your boss. Secrecy, not transparency. Control, not competence.

Just more proof that a company’s culture can be its biggest asset *or* its biggest liability.

How does yours stack up?

Is your business up-to-date on its land use entitlements, or letting their value be stolen away?

Book a consultation with us at to make sure your entitlement strategy is on track.

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